Our SPARKFUZE™ electrode coating process is transformativeIt is more durable (10 years+), more energy efficient, as well as low cost. Yet it is easy to integrate, using your existing compounds.

Jolt’s technology shows a marked improvement in both electrode performance and durability… Their method is quick and easy to scale making them a fantastic partner for the future

Matteo Dragoni – COO, HyDEP srl

Rapid, large scale production

Our research centre in Barcelona is capable of manufacturing tens of thousands of m2, prototyping new customer electrodes for deployment close to their production sites.

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Jolt Solutions is the largest spinoff of ICIQ, a prestigious global research institute ranked amongst the world’s top 5, and one of the few focused on catalysis.


Sparkfuze™ has already been deployed in commercial stacks for alkaline electrolyers (AWE) and Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolysers and used to produce electrodes up to 3m in diameter.

Jolt stands ready to accept large scale production orders now for delivery with short lead times.

We are proud of our partners: public bodies and government,
leading Climate funds and global companies.


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It may appear that the whole of catalytic technology is relatively mature. This is, however, a misconception because history teaches us that fields which appear mature are suddenly revitalized by a major discovery

H. Heinemann (1913 -2005), scientist and leader in the field of industrial catalysis