Jolt wins “Startup of the Year” at Energy Tech Challengers 2024

Energy Tech Challengers is an annual event that brings together innovative companies working on solutions to decarbonize the planet and connects them with leading venture capitalists, corporations, and media voices.

In 2024 Energy Tech Challengers invited companies to apply if they are working on technology solutions in the areas of green energy infrastructure, battery value chain, green molecules, or climate fintech.

The focus was on the most pressing net zero challenges and recognizing innovators with scalable and equitable solutions that have the potential to reach gigaton impact.

Over 450 companies entered the event after being nominated by VC’s, from these 50 finalists were selected and invited to present their technology at the event in Bilbao.  The companies were judged by a panel of 20+ VC’s.

Companies were categorised as follows:

Of the 5 catergory winners, Jolt Solutions was selected as the overall winner taking home the trophy.

Jolt’s electrodes for alkaline water electrolysis (AWE) and AEM electrolysis, and the uniquely scalable production technique were viewed by the judges to have the most potential impact for decarbonisation.

We would like to congratulate the catorgory winners and thank the judges for awarding Jolt the overall prize.

Interview at WEC 2024

Jolt recently took part in the World Electrolysis Congress 2024 in Dusseldorf which was organised by World Hydrogen Leaders

The event was very good for Jolt with a good number of high quality contacts made and a series of interesting conversations.

During the event Jolt’s Global Sales Director – Wayne Thornhill was interviewed by Hydrogen Standard and discussed the benefits of Jolt’s electrodes for alkaline water electrolysis & AEM electrolysis.

Click the link below to see the interview:

Jolt Feature: H2Tech

Jolt would like to thank H2Tech for their article on our new production facility.

Jolt is depolying our patented Sparkfuze process at scale.  The first factory in Barcelona is capable of producing 60,000m2 of electrodes per annum using semi-automated production and is a blueprint for our expansion roll out where we will deploy fully automated electrode lines capable of producing 400,000m2 per annum (4GW).

Check out the story below.

Reverse current tolerance – Alkaline Electrolysers & Renewables

Alkaline water electrolysers have the perception of not being compatible with renewables.  This is largely down to the fact that most AWE electrolysers use bare nickel anodes, or anodes activated with catalysts that cannot withstand current following.

When coupled with renewable energy the electrolyser will be required to switch on and off.  This takes the load from positive to negative and with standard anodes this results in corrosion and degradation of performance.

Jolt’s anode coating, Sparkfuze H2A, has been shown to greatly improve the durability of the anode – even under reverse current conditions.