Reverse current tolerance – Alkaline Electrolysers & Renewables

Alkaline water electrolysers have the perception of not being compatible with renewables.  This is largely down to the fact that most AWE electrolysers use bare nickel anodes, or anodes activated with catalysts that cannot withstand current following.

When coupled with renewable energy the electrolyser will be required to switch on and off.  This takes the load from positive to negative and with standard anodes this results in corrosion and degradation of performance.

Jolt’s anode coating, Sparkfuze H2A, has been shown to greatly improve the durability of the anode – even under reverse current conditions.

Investor’s perspective – Why Climentum invested in Jolt?

Follow the link below to see why Climentum were one of the early investors in Jolt’s new electrodes technology.

Jolt manufacturers electrodes for alkaline water electrolyzers which are currently the most used type of electrolyzer.

Jolt also make electrodes for AEM electrolyzers (anion exchange membrane) which, although lower TRL, have a huge potential for growth over the coming years.

Jolt features in Hydrogen Standard magazine

Jolt is delighted to have partnered with Hydrogen Standard in 2024 to spread the message about our new production technique & manufacturing facility for AWE/AEM electrodes.

Our first article with Hydroegn Standard is featured in issue 9, check it out in the link below:

Issue 09

Jolt Solutions at the World Electrolysis Congress 2024

Jolt Solutions was delighted to take part in the World Electrolysis Congress this week in Dusseldorf.

The event was well attended and featured a number of highly interesting talks on electrolyer technology, policy and future developments.

Jolt received a number of interesting contacts and was involved in a variety of commercial conversations.