Jolt revolutionary electrode technology showcased in HyDEP srl AEM electrolyzer stacks.

HyDEP (Hydrogen for Development of Environmental Projects) has been around for 25 years, and as such has an in-depth knowledge of the market, the companies, the component suppliers and the industry. Their main activities cover:

  • ENGINEERING – with experience in the field of electrolysis and the deep knowledge of the sector, HyDEP srl is an ideal partner to design and implement electrolyser stacks.
  • PROTOTYPING – HyDEP have developed the base technology for a number of well known electrolyser companies.
  • CERTIFICATION – They use very high quality and safety standards, ATEX and PED, to certify and qualify system components.

Jolt Activated anodes were selected by HyDEP because they represent the best electrodes on the market, boasting increased durability, higher efficiency and customers benefit from reduced costs. The HyDEP srl stack design is being adopted by many major players in the field and Jolt’s new electrode coating technology will be critical in achieving the growth required in electrolysis by 2050.

Jolt’s technology shows a marked improvement in both electrode performance and durability… Their method is quick and easy to scale making them a fantastic partner for the future

Matteo Dragoni – COO, HyDEP srl